be unique, be everywhere, be appearoo

appearoo, no sólo es una herramienta. Es una comunidad internacional de activos coworkers, que te pueden ayudar, y mucho, en tus campañas online.
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Linda Machado @ Twitter

Are you …?

  • a Community Manager?
  • a Public Relations?
  • a Marketeer?
  • a Social Media Manager?
  • a self-called guru??
  • a coach?
  • an e-book writer?
  • an evangelist of….whatever…?
  • a travel agency?
  • an entrepreneur?
  • a hotdog salesman who uses Instagram or Foursquare to tell clients where your hot-dog truck is right now?
  • a crowdfunding campaign manager?
  • a fashion online shop?
  • a blogger and you ping your posts to everywhere you can get a subscriber…?
  • ****

then you know that it’s important to spread the word about your online presence. People must find you, right? But it takes a little bit of imagination and some work to find a person on this myriad of social media applications out there.

We tend to think that everyone knows where we are, but there’s always that moment where somebody turns up to you and say “Hey! I’ve searched for you but couldn’t find you!”. Despite all your…

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